Your compass, your journey

Metaphors can be powerful, especially when they create an emotional connection, and the image of the compass does that for me.  When I see an image of an old, weathered compass, my mind is flooded with thoughts of intrepid explorers discovering new locales, breathtaking views, and pivotal, life-changing experiences.  Perhaps the word that best describes that overwhelming bundle of emotions for me is:


Imagine planning a cross-country journey to wherever your heart desires and then picture the detailed steps in mapping your journey and then printing every direction on a sheet (or a dozen sheets) of paper.  Sounds exciting, right?  Now imagine that instead of having a static list of rote directions, you hold a compass in one hand and a detailed, tattered map in the other.  All of a sudden not only can you get to your final destination, but you now have the tools that enable you to get there by whatever route your heart desires:

To make your journey truly unique, wonderful, and awe-inspiring.

The vast majority of us approach our lives very similar to the first approach above.  We search for rote directions, supposed “tried and true” diets and supplements, pills, and so-called “magical” exercise routines.  When we need to lose ten pounds, we ask questions like, “what’s the best diet to use?”, or “which specific foods do I need to avoid for the next six weeks?” or “how many times a week should I do cardio?”.  I’m here to tell you there is a better way and that better way:

Can only come from inside you.

The best journeys are those that reflect us as individuals; they reflect and embody our emotional makeup and unique challenges, personal desires, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations.  And this is precisely what this space is all about: equipping you with your own unique compass that you can use to design a wonderful journey for yourself to better fitness, nutrition, and unlimited gratitude.

The journey is on.