Before we start, let’s get something out of the way.

If you’re looking for specific workout programs or lists of foods that nobody should eat, you won’t find them here.  This site is about something deeper; something much more permanent, more personal, and (in my opinion) much more powerful.

The Internet (and the market) are full of fantastic fitness and diet professionals who are more than willing to help you with the specific goals you might have right now.  Want to get ripped in 90 days?  Check out Beachbody OnDemand or Les Mills or your Local CrossFit Gym.  Want to prepare for a bodybuilding show?  Hire a Personal Trainer or lookup Mike Davies Fitness Universe.  Want to run a marathon?  Reach out to a Local Running Club.  There are vast, and endless resources that can help, and all just a click or a phone call away.

This site is about something much more permanent…it’s about your journey: the long haul and why you’d want to click on one of the links above in the first place, and then sticking with it.  It’s about longevity and looking over the horizon.  It’s about what it takes to stick with it forever, and adapting as you change; allowing yourself to change course and using lifestyle patterns to help guide you and stay on track.

Enough said.  🙂

See you on the road.


Sean Erikson

The journey is on.