Why Patterns?

Patterns are an extremely powerful approach to a lifetime devoted to staying fit, healthy, strong, and happy; but even more broadly, patterns are everywhere; we use them all the time, and practically in every endeavor.  Patterns are a way we, as humans, make sense of a complex world, and patterns provide powerful frameworks for decision-making on practically an every-day basis.  Given the power of patterns, doesn’t it make sense we’d use them to drive our daily decision-making that impacts the most important parts of our lives, including our health, happiness, and longevity?

Patterns are STRATEGY.

71st InfantryMy Grandfather served in the 71st Infantry in Austria in World War II.  I proudly display a map that he brought home from the war that outlines their Rhineland and Central European campaigns and when I see it, I’m often reminded of his first-hand stories of the liberation of the Gunkirchen Lager concentration camp and the atrocities he witnessed there.  During World War II, literally hundreds of patterns and strategies were employed by Allied Forces that led to the liberation of Europe from Nazi control.  One strategy you may be familiar with includes the “Blitzkrieg”, which is a pattern for breaking through a line of defense.

I personally find it useful to sometimes think about my own fitness journey as a war campaign, only in this war, the daily battles are a matter of health, happiness, and longevity.

Patterns are PROGRESS.

Patterns build on one another, and some patterns are easier to master than other patterns; patterns can also be combined into larger patterns based on your own progress.

Within the “My Intrepid Journey” framework, each documented pattern will indicate whether it is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pattern to help you adopt the patterns in a systematic way that ensures success.

Patterns are POWER.

As I’ve said over and over, patterns are much more powerful than rote, memorized lists because when you use a pattern, YOU OWN IT.  The pattern reflects YOU as an individual and because of that, you own them.  On the contrary, rote lists OWN YOU.  Instead of working for you, they force you to memorize them, and then when you need them the most it’s 100% on you to remember to pull them out, which rarely works.

Patterns are deeper; they are the key to establishing guardrails for experimenting and learning about yourself and what works for you.

Patterns are LONG-TERM.

Why? Because there is one thing that is guaranteed: you will change. Your goals will change. Your abilities will change. Your desires will change. Patterns guide you through this change and always to your North Star!

Patterns are EVERYWHERE.

From fashion to architecture, you see patterns literally everywhere.  Just look at the clothes you’re wearing or the building you’re in (or near), patterns are a powerful tool that designers use to bring new creations to life.  My argument: why not use the same approach to living?

Patterns are PRINCIPLES.

Patterns are based on principles; they are a tool for helping make these principles personal, real, and actionable.

Patterns are PERSONAL.

Let me ask you a question: Do you struggle with sticking with your diet because you have a family at home and expectations that you’ll eat what they eat? There’s a pattern for that!